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About Borovsk

Population: 12 ths
Founded: 1358
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 234

The city of Borovsk is in Kaluga region, on both banks of Protva River. It’s an administrative center of the Borovsky district.

Old Russian settlements existed in the territory of modern Borovsk in the 11th century. The first written mention of the city belongs to 1358; this date exactly is considered to be the year of foundation of Borovsk. In 2000, it was put in the list of the historical cities of Russia.

In 1378, the city became the center of the principality of Serpukhov and Borovsk which has existed almost until the end of the 15th century. In the 15th century, the St. Pafnutyevo Borovsky monastery was founded on the outskirts of Borovsk, which became the largest cultural and religious center of the Moscow state. In the 17th century the city played a role in the events pertaining to the Old Belief. Here exactly Habakkuk archpriest and his allies – the boyar Morozova and the princess Urusova were banished.

In 1776, Borovsk became the district town; a year later it had its own coat of arms.

Not a gaudy lot befell the city during Patriotic war of 1812: it was ruined and almost completely burned. In 1857, during the second fire, 150 houses and several churches burned down.

The name of such outstanding scientist as Konstantin Tsiolkovsky is connected with Borovsk. He has been lived and worked here for several years (1880-92). A monument to the scientist was put up in Borovsk: now it is one of city sights.

The St. Pafnutyevo Borovsky monastery (1444) is considered to be the brightest sight of Borovsk. The monastery is represented by the ensemble of architectural monuments belonging to pre-Peter period. Besides, a large number of other functional and repaired churches and temples are located in the territory of the city.

Borovsk museum of local history (Lenin Square, 7), being a branch of Kaluga regional museum of local lore, can acquaint all residents and guests of Borovsk with its reach history.

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